What Can You Do About the Avocado Crisis?

This highly lucrative industry has become corrupt and monopolized, benefiting large organizations while taking advantage of the local producers. 
by on Monday, July 18, 2022

Understanding What It Really Means to Purchase Avocados


Who Eats the Most Avocados & Who Grows Them 

Just about anywhere in the United States, Europe, and China you can buy delicious avocados. These three regions are the top consumers of avocado, although these countries grow very few. Mexico produces more avocados than any other country in the world, selling eight out of ten avocados internationally. Mexico dominates the world avocado market. 

Within a highly lucrative, monopolized, and unregulated market, the avocado industry is full of issues. These concerns range from the stability of local farmers to environmental impacts. 

Impact on Local Producers

Consumers continue to demand product transparency, especially within the agricultural industry. Consumers want to know when farmers take great care in their production process. They deserve to know which farmers work diligently to provide them with the highest quality of products. However, this information is not always readily available. Many producers are not transparent and many make false health claims about their produce.

In Mexico, weekly avocado harvests from all kinds of producers are combined and packaged together. What does this mean? Essentially, producers who take more care in providing high quality and organic produce receive the same price as larger farming organizations who do not apply the same quality standards. 

Packing avocado crates in Michoacan at Alejandrino Avocados.

If we continue this avocado trade system, local and sustainable producers will not be able to continue to provide high quality produce or invest in sustainable practices. This imbalance must be addressed. Local organic farmers deserve a fair price for their produce and consumers deserve to know the standard of produce they are buying. 

The Environmental Impact of the Growing Avocado Trade

Avocados are a cash crop. Cash crops often increase risks of deforestation. As the demand for avocados continues to rise, local farmers attempt to accommodate and many slash and burn areas of natural land to expand their plantations. Cash crops also encourage monoculture plantations. As there is such a high demand for these delicious green fruits, many avocado plantations only plant and harvest avocados. Monoculture plantations decrease soil fertility, leaving the plantation lands with less nutrients and a higher vulnerability to disease. 

What Can You Do to Help the Avocado Crisis?

Fortunately, there are many ways to help. For consumers, one alternative is buying organic C-grade produce. For many different kinds of products, including avocados, organic produce is not accepted in large food markets because of its appearance. Although C-grade produce may not look perfect, it is 100% healthy and delicious! Buying C-grade produce not only helps organic producers financially, it also contributes to food conservation as well. 

For farmers, avoiding deforestation techniques and monoculture farms will benefit the environment and the overall quality level of avocados. Introducing sustainable techniques such as crop rotation and alley cropping will provide farms with nutrient-rich soil and decrease diseased or unsellable produce. 

A view from Jalisco, Mexico and the farm at Avocados D’eliseos.

Avocados From Our Network

Another thing you can do is browse our marketplace for quality avocados.

Avocados D’eliseos is a family-run operation in Jalisco, Mexico. Their business is driven innovative spirit, avant-garde systems, and social responsibility. They have a presence in the Asian, North American, and European markets.

In Michoacan, Mexico, the mild weather and volcanic soil create conditions for premium avocados and Alejandrino Avocados is a leader there.  The brand has over 50 years of experience in farming, technology, and human talent towards growing high quality avocados.

These two producers showcase some of our Mexican avocado producers. Additionally, we have many other avocado producers from various regions and countries for you to discover and learn about their processes.

Product transparency is an critical piece to solving the challenges within the avocado trade. This does not just mean knowing where our products come from. Product transparency refers to the agricultural value chain in its entirety, including the process of trading and selling. Avocados are a beautiful and delicious commodity that we should be able to consume without supporting corruption and unethical practices.

Want more product transparency? Check out out our StoryBird technology and see how it will revolutionize commerce.

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