Want Transparency? Look for Product Storytelling!

Why do consumers like transparency so much? Well, for many people, it comes down to ethics and health.
by on Monday, March 28, 2022

It’s Time For Transparency

How many of us wonder where our food products come from? Or what kinds of practices people use to make these products? These are questions that society is beginning to ask now more than ever–and rightfully so. We now have the technology to easily disclose this information, and we know that people want it. So why do so many brands still choose not to? 

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Countless companies are constantly hiding certain aspects of their work. Are these aspects that consumers should be aware of?  Of course. Any part of the process should be available for consumers to see. 

Why do consumers like transparency so much? Well, for many people, it comes down to ethics and health. Often, people want to confirm that there are no illegal, unethical, or environmentally unsafe practices occurring in the production processes of the items they like to consume. They want to feel good about what they consume. They want to feel like their purchases not only do no harm to the environment, their own bodies, or the people who produce them, but also that maybe, their purchases may even do some good in the world. 

People are becoming more aware about how to seek and find transparent business practice. However, there is still room to grow in the transparency department. Don’t worry–we are on it. It is part of our broad goal to build transparency into our own work and support the producers in our network to be more transparent as well.  

Traceability Tricks of the Trade

Buying straight from the source. 

To connect with consumers and improve traceability, brands can work towards the following:

  1. Increased ability to determine the origin of a product, ingredient, company, and service.
  2. Promote factors that protect public health and safety.
  3. Enhanced communication and information through all distribution channels. 

In the process, in communicating these steps to consumers, brands will enhance their product storytelling. 

What is Product Storytelling?

Product storytelling is a way for brands to share information about the production goods and services with their clients and consumers. From a business standpoint, product storytelling is an opportunity to communicate the positive aspects of the company with the consumer. Everyone loves a story. Stories are the best way we know how to connect with others. Through the human aspect of storytelling, we connect with the products we consume. This process gives us as consumers more knowledge about products and a deeper understanding of companies. It lets consumers see the humans behind the brands. 

The Importance of Storytelling

Product storytelling is important for accountability. Consumers have a right to know all important information that can factor into their decision to purchase a product. Businesses that withhold information about their organization, generally do so to protect and increase their company growth. A greater emphasis and consumer demand for product storytelling encourages companies to take responsibility for their business operations. As more organizations are influenced to become more transparent, it will increase ethical business values in general. 

Ways to Track Our Product Storytelling


This is our thoughtfully build tool and platform that brands and producers can use to engage with their customers and build transparency into their processes. From our platform, they can share stories, build trusting relationships, and connect through blockchain technology. 

Digital technology and agriculture work together in our Storybird application.

Producer Profiles

On our website, we list important information that a company shares with us about their business and products. Find everything about a producer in our network here–certifications, industry awards, distribution channels, and product origins. 

Producers Stories

Our blog is its own platform filled with information and stories from producers in our network. Along with interviews and even blogs straight from the producers themselves, consumers can find food guides, recipes, and current events too.

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