Product Spotlight: Michoacan Organics Papaya Exportation

Papayas are a delicate fruit, and shipping them commercially to the United States from Mexico is not for the faint of heart.
by on Monday, October 7, 2019

Michoacan Organics is Bringing Organic Papaya to the United States


Papaya is a delicate fruit, and shipping it commercially to the United States from Mexico is not for the faint of heart. Furthermore, commercial organic papaya is relatively unseen in the US market. 

Michoacan Organics has taken a pioneering role in the export and commercialization of organic papaya to the United States. It has taken over a year of trial and error to really master the supply chain for this delicate fruit.


Highly tropical, the papaya requires great attention to detail in order to maximize shelf life, maintain a great color, and obtaining the perfect flavor.

If the papaya is harvested premature, i.e. fully green, the fruit will have a great shelf life, but as it ripens, it won’t achieve that beautiful golden orange color. It is more likely to ripen a brownish color. And the flavor will be bland and gross—not at all the kind of papaya that people want to eat.

If papaya is harvested mature, i.e. mostly yellow, the fruit will taste amazing, but the shelf life will be extremely limited and quickly go bad. Leaving the supermarket having to throw out most of the papayas and asking for a refund.

The perfect commercial organic papaya is harvested green with 1-2 rays of yellow color starting to “break.” When harvested at this color the fruit will maintain a nice shelf life, while simultaneously achieving a wonderful flavor.


Michoacan Organics is now designing the organic papaya box as it prepares to launch to the market in early 2018 with its branded papayas grown in Colima, Mexico, and shipped directly to the United States upon harvest.

Click the link to reach Michoacan Organics’s website and learn more!

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