Producer Spotlight: Pachamama Qampac

Peruvian-inspired and Panama based superfoods brand, Pachamama Qampac sees food as a medium for an awakening of consciousness, and this is what they aim to offer, consciousness through food.
by on Friday, July 23, 2021

Raising Consciousness Through Food


Pachamama Qampac, Peruvian-inspired and Panama-based superfoods and nutrition brand, offers more than just products. 

They also go beyond offering nutrition counseling to accompany their products. 

The Connection Between Food and Consciousness

Pachamama Qampac sees food as a medium for an awakening of consciousness. They seek to offer heightened consciousness through food. 

Since food is what nourishes us, the goal is to provide products that honor Mother Earth, for all she provides—air, water, earth, fire, and space. They aim to connect ancestral knowledge with modern-day culture.

The brand’s name, Pachamama Qampac, means “from Mother Earth to you” in Quechua, the language of the pre-Columbian people of South America. Pachamama is a goddess whose feminine energy inhabits men and women alike. She encompasses our planet and all the beings that inhabit it. The brand honors her not just with their name, but by infusing their products with ancestral knowledge that comes from Pachamama.

Pachamama Qampac Products and Services

Pachamama Qampac offers a variety of superfoods, including maca, cacao, lúcuma, quinoa, yacon, and yacon honey. They see these foods as a way to nourish the essence of their consumers. For example, cacao is filled with essential amino acids and raw maca is good for vitality and general well-being. Pre-Columbian warriors used it to maintain energy and vigor. Lúcuma is a sweetener with a low glycemic index and high antioxidant count. It’s known as “Incan gold.”


Pachamama Qampac sees all their products in this way, as superfood gold—symbols of Pachamama’s greatness. Their products are full of nourishing energy.

In addition to premium superfood products, the brand also offers six-month personalized health programs. Consultants guide participants in Integrative Nutrition

These programs help clients purchase and consume superfoods. They also learn to know themselves and their bodies in a deeper, more intimate way.

The Person Behind the Vision

Behind the superfood, the brand, and the holistic vision is Yolanda Garcia


Yolanda is originally from Spain, where she worked as an engineer for many years. After moving to Peru, she began a transformation which led her to Panama and on a journey of dedication to Pachamama in all her forms. 

Next, Yolanda began developing the Pachamama Qampac business.  

It is Yolanda’s mission to personally help people awaken to their fullest power through good nutrition. Yolanda is certified as a health coach in Integrative Nutrition from IIN. From her structured education, intuitive growth process, and personal development, Pachamama Qampac came to life. Yolanda sees food as the energy that nourishes our body. She believes this nourishment guides us to understand ourselves deeply. 

In her six-month health programs, Yolanda helps clients see food as medicine, change their lives for the better, and love themselves and their bodies. She helps people take responsibility for their healing and self-development. She also shares amazing superfood product recipes like zucchini spaghetti and kale with garbanzo beans. Most of them incorporate Pachamama Qampac products, but some of her delicious recipes are made with other superfoods.

A Platform for Knowledge

Pachamama Qampac is much more than an Andean and Amazonian superfood product brand and exporter. 

They are a platform for knowledge. With Yolanda’s guidance, the brand aims to share knowledge about the universe, ancient cultures, conscious science, the laws of nature, and things that nourish us beyond food.  

Yolanda and her team value a connection between the love that goes into producing food and the nourishment we receive from it. Pachamama Qampac embodies expansion, expression, reflection, and the integration of our power to transcend.  

Want to find details about all their superfood products? Find more info on their profile.


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