Producer Spotlight: To Your Health Sprouted Flour Co.

“Sprouted oat flour tastes better, is easier to digest, has more enzymes and is just more nutritious than regular flour.”
by on Friday, July 31, 2020

Founder Peggy Sutton’s Recipe for Health & Success

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It all began with a split from the fierce world of business. In 2003, Peggy Sutton, founder of To Your Health Sprouted Flour Co., found herself reflecting on her life path.

Motivated to reconnect with herself, Peggy dove deep into the latest research on self-care—from running to nutrition. In her search, she found articles about the nutritional loss suffered by oats and other grains during and after the industrial revolution. This inspired her to grab a few mason jars and some oats and start sprouting! 


With the help of a handheld flour mill, Peggy turned her organic sprouted oats into flour. She never looked back. 

“It all began as a personal endeavor to prepare foods as my ancestors did, for maximum nutrition and enjoyment.”

Not relying on word of mouth alone, Peggy took action. She started milling sprouted oats for her friends and family so that they too could taste and feel the difference. 

Before she knew it, To your Health Sprouted Flour Co. was born. 

“Sprouted oat flour tastes better, is easier to digest, has more enzymes and is just more nutritious than regular flour.”


Peggy started to expand her sprouting operation, moving from her kitchen to the ranch on her property. During this time, her partner Jeff Sutton started to joke with his friends about his wife’s new “odd” hobby of sprouting grains and turning them into flour in their kitchen.

Soon, however, Peggy began to meet with success at local weekend markets, prompting Jeff to consider To Your Health as a viable business opportunity.

Within 15 years, Peggy and Jeff found themselves fully committed to bringing sprouted, nutritious grains to all those who would listen. Today their operations are housed in a 48,000-ft2 facility in rural Alabama.

“We are committed to the provision of healthy, nutritious, easily digestible, sprouted grains, legumes, seeds, and nuts.”


To Your Health continues to grow with a strong moral backbone. They are currently expanding their sprouted oats market, working with new organic farmers. Peggy is also exploring opportunities in specialty flour markets such as Breadfruit, with the aim of bringing unique nutritional diversity to a sproutastic community.

To learn more about To Your Health visit their Producers Market organization profile and their website.

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