Natural Beauty & The Green Beauty Revolution

The beauty and personal care sector has been undergoing a revolution these last few years, shifting towards a more sustainable and organic approach.
by on Wednesday, November 6, 2019

Natural Beauty: Back to Our Roots


The beauty and personal care sector is undergoing a revolution these.

The conventional beauty industry is full of cheap filler ingredients, harsh chemicals, and animal by-products. Now, it’s shifting towards a more sustainable and “green” approach. Rapid innovation in the field of herbal extracts, antioxidants, and natural beauty alternatives are fueling this eco-friendly transition. Many consumers view conventional products as outdated.

The value of the growing natural beauty industry could reach 22 billion by 2024.

We can trace this growth to the public’s continued learning about the real benefits of organic ingredients. Additionally, there has been a boom in environmental consciousness and a growing sense of corporate responsibility.

Conventional beauty products are full of perfumes and other irritants. They also tend to contain nearly imperceptible traces of active ingredients. Manufacturers often add just enough to get away with advertising them on the label, but not nearly enough to offer real benefits. Newer brands, on the other hand, focus on potency and performance. Many choose to synthesizing powerful herbal and/or natural ingredients.

These companies often will commit to sustainable practices such as growing their own ingredients or sourcing them locally. There is craftsmanship to their manufacturing process, care at the baseline of their product, and a strong guiding mission or philosophy.

This fundamental shift mirrors the transformations taking place in other sectors like the sustainable food and DIY (“do-it-yourself”) movements. On a macro level, we seem to be returning to the proverbial root of things.


The industrial revolution birthed an era of mass manufacturing. This may have provided for the masses for the first time in history. However, it also replaced a more intimate, careful approach to production and creation.

As we move into the future, however, we appear to be reclaiming a forgotten memory of the past. There is magic between technology and innovation—and the ancient, timeless wisdom of nature.

We invite you to meet some of the producers at the root of the sustainable beauty industry. Check out the profiles of Synthesis Organics. Or read features of Tama Cosmetics, or Tierra and Lava

In our marketplace, we have some great producers of natural beauty products. They are embracing the green revolution whole-heartedly.

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