Recipe: Raw Vegan Durian Guacamole

Are you looking for new ways to eat durian? Raw vegan durian guacamole is sweet, delicious, and spicy.
by on Friday, November 19, 2021

You’ve Never Tried Guacamole Like This Before!

raw vegan durian guacamole ingredients
All you need for a lively spin on classic guacamole.

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Durian is absolutely the most interesting fruit I have ever seen or tasted. And this raw vegan durian guacamole is a unique twist on a classic favorite. 

unique and tasty durian
Durian: the king of fruits.

Musang King Durian packs so many different flavors in one, you have to try it for yourself to understand. It is both sulfuric and sweet, with a hint of vanilla. The texture is like pudding, and when ripe, the scent is so strong that people sometimes mistake it for sewage. In parts of Asia, it’s even forbidden to bring durian into public spaces. 

You have to try a perfect durian to understand the obsession. The smell will be worth it, trust me. To those who love durian, it actually smells good. They don’t call it the “king of fruits” for nothing!

The first time I tried durian and realized it tasted a lot like onions, I decided to make guacamole with it. It was the wildest guacamole I have ever made, so I decided to develop this recipe. Durian adds creaminess, and a strong bitter-sour-sweet flavor, which complements the avocado, spicy jalapeños, and citrus. 

durian king of fruits
The inside of a durian fruit.

Durian guacamole will have your mouth bursting with flavor. 

I like to eat this durian guacamole in romaine lettuce leaf shells and little cucumbers on top, like simple, raw tacos with extra crunch. You can use sliced jicama as chips if you want, or have a festive Friday with raw tacos and raw nachos. It’s up to you!

The fats in durian and avocado are healthy fats, which are good for your brain and keep you satiated longer. There are so many nutrients in durian, including 80% of your recommended daily vitamin C. 


  • 2+ pods Musang King Durian from Miami Fruit
  • 2+ avocados 
  • 1/2 jalapeño 
  • 1 lime
  • 1 lemon
  • 1 garlic clove
  • Uncle Sky’s Hot Sauce for extra spiciness (optional)
raw vegan durian guacamole


  1. Open the durian, remove the pods, and take out the seeds.
  2. Chop avocado, jalapeno, garlic, and durian.
  3. Add to blender with lemon and lime juice, and blend (or mash with a spoon).
  4. Serve in romaine lettuce leaves, or with any dish you desire.
  5. Enjoy!
raw vegan durian guacamole


  • Lettuce know how you liked this (pun intended)! Is this your first time trying durian? Did you add any special ingredients? Tag us if you make this durian guacamole yourself.

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