StoryBird: Know Your Seafood & the Supply Chain

The Producers StoryBird has launched with a full line of collaborators who all commit to a healthy supply chain.
by on Monday, November 25, 2019

Follow Your Scallops Along the Supply Chain from Boat to Plate

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Seafood fraud is an alarming issue that compromises the health of both people and the planet. When it comes to seafood and the supply chain, not everything is as it seems. Oceana, the world’s largest ocean conservation and advocacy organization, performed widespread DNA testing.. The results? Twenty-one percent of seafood samples in the U.S. were a different species than what they had been sold as.

Welcome Producers StoryBird! We have launched this collaboration along with Raw Seafoods, IBM, Nordic Inc., Santa Monica Seafood, and TAPS Fish House and Brewery in Los Angeles. We’re bringing you the full story of the seafood supply chain, from boat to plate.

This is the story of a healthy supply chain. This supply chain is working cooperatively to deliver a product you can truly trust. As a consumer, you are an important part of this story. This is why you deserve to know your source.

Love scallops? You might be eating something different.

Of the seafood samples that Oceana tested, scallops were one of the top ten most commonly mislabeled products. This is why traceability is such a critical part of building trust. Traceability must happen from boat to plate.

Together, we commit to bringing you the supply chain information you need to have confidence in your food.

Trusting that the Atlantic sea scallops you ordered are indeed Atlantic sea scallops is only the first step. There’s so much more to the story when you consider the commitment and care invested by all the companies in the supply chain.

The story starts out at sea, where Nordic is celebrating some of its best harvests in decades. Following a dramatic decline in Atlantic sea scallop populations 20 years ago, Nordic worked in close collaboration with marine scientists to assess the scallop biomass and develop a plan to replete stocks. It wasn’t easy, but faith and patience paved the path towards abundance.

Supply Chain Collaboration is Key

Collaboration is key for Raw Seafoods as well. They uphold a strong culture of care for their employees, products, and customers, while working with advanced certifications and sustainable seafood initiatives to exceed expectations for food safety and environmental conservation.

Santa Monica Seafood is in clear alignment, having created the first and only Responsible Sourcing Vendor Program with the goal of applying a percentage of profits to fund ocean stewardship projects. Their program also includes efforts to verify that all the suppliers they work with share their commitment to food safety, supply integrity, and sustainable practices.

Last but in no way least is TAPS Fish House and Brewery. If you’re lucky enough to live nearby, perhaps you’ve directly experienced their dedication to dishing up an unforgettable culinary experience. TAPS makes a statement through taste, quality, and setting, while honoring guests with the absolute best quality products on the market.

Doesn’t your food taste better when you know your source?

By choosing traceable products with transparent supply chains, you are putting your money where your mouth is as a consumer. Thank you for joining us by investing in the thriving future of our oceans.

Want to learn more about the food on your plate? Get to know your source with the Producers StoryBird.

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