Introducing StoryBird for E-Commerce & Traceability

With a simple StoryBird logo embedded into the product image, we can let consumers know that there is a transparent story behind this product, and they are invited to engage. 
by on Wednesday, March 31, 2021

KnowSeafood Pilot Launches with Traceability Embed

Salmon traceability map on KnowSeafood powered by StoryBird
KnowSeafood salmon traceability map powered by StoryBird

Producers Market has gone live with StoryBird for e-commerce, completing the first pilot project on KnowSeafood’s direct-to-consumer frozen sustainable fish platform

Consumers can now trace the origin of their purchases on the blockchain and discover the story of each supply chain step—directly from their e-commerce experience. Brands seeking a traceability solution can integrate the StoryBird feature into their Shopify, WordPress, or other site programming. 

This integration is a major step toward a scalable innovation in traceability and the way people interact with online purchasing. Even more importantly, it is another key to the ultimate quest to create a world in which we are all able to “consume with confidence.”

With a simple StoryBird logo embedded into the product image, we can let consumers know that there is a transparent story behind this product, and we invite them to engage. 

The era of blind trust in the products we buy online will be replaced by engaging traceability tools that plug directly into the shopping experience. These tools will provide a simple, efficient and easy way for customers to know what they are really buying. 

With one click, the website visitor can access a StoryBird, quickly learning important information and building trust in the product prior to adding it to their cart. 

The StoryBird integration for e-commerce is coming to market at a critical moment, with rocketing growth of grocery shopping and increasing demand for product transparency and traceability making these tools more pertinent than ever. 

The current COVID-19 situation means people are going in and out of the supermarket with greater velocity. Understandably, today’s consumers won’t want to spend extra time at the point of sale to learn about their products prior to purchasing. However, when it comes to online shopping, the story they desire is only one click away, and pandemic-safe. 

The Producers Market team envisions a day when StoryBird for e-commerce (or another traceability/storytelling embed) will be the norm. We are committed to creating a future where consumers will be confused when there isn’t a traceability icon next to their online purchases. 

It is our prediction that while the consumer goods industry may not be ready to organize, digitize, and share their value chain and sourcing data, consumers are ready and waiting.

The groups that begin integrating this information with their e-commerce experiences will gain the upper hand. Over time, it will become obvious that including this information in the shopping experience will be a must for brands that wish to acquire premium customers (who are already demanding traceability to the source). 

As the technology and backend systems continue to evolve, it will become easier and more affordable for brands to integrate traceability and storytelling with their offerings. StoryBird intends to bridge this gap between consumer demand for transparency and the current inability of brands to deliver it at the necessary cost, quality, and scale. 

Learn more about StoryBird and start a conversation with our team here.

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