Producers Market Commits to Regenerative Agriculture

We at Producers Market commit to our community to become the leading digital platform for global regenerative agriculture.
by on Tuesday, May 12, 2020

Big Challenges Require Big Commitment


Tiptoeing around the monumental challenges facing humanity is no longer acceptable. Business as usual for supply chains will no longer be enough. Humans and the planet need solutions. This is why at Producers Market, we commit to becoming the leading digital platform for global regenerative agriculture. It’s no small task–but we are up to it. 

Our first two big strategies are farmer empowerment and value chain transparency. The macroeconomic and social situations facing us have opened the door to a more ambitious agenda for launching our third strategy. For over a year, our team has partnered with one of the largest regenerative agriculture movements in the world: ZBNF (Zero Budget Natural Farming) in Andhra Pradesh, India. From here, our strategy became clear.

Producers Market has a deep passion for regenerative agriculture. Our vision is to make “regenerative” a highly desirable trait for products. We imagine it will be similar to what the “organic” label has achieved in the past 25 years. 

One of the members of ZBNF in India.

Slow Down To Accomplish More

Thirteen years ago, i read “One Straw Revolution” by Masounobo Fukuaka. This introduced me to the concept of regenerative agriculture. Moreover, I learned that the farm is a reflection of the farmer. When we slow down, do less, and observe nature, we can accomplish far more. 

Operating agricultural systems in harmony with nature is a beautiful thing to accomplish! Farmers who commit to these practices deserve the support of the market. Their choices are of tremendous benefit to humanity, the planet, and the consumer of regenerative products. 

The definitions for “Regenerative Agriculture” can vary in the details. However, the term most often refers to a focus on building soil fertility and an uplifting treatment of a farm’s ecology. Currently, there is a growing industry consensus around the Regenerative Organic Certification, which lays out a good description.

A regenerative farm in India.

Soil Health, Regenerative Agriculture, & the Supply Chain

Soil health is so vital to human health and planetary health. And it isn’t something many of us think about much. We see the need to build consumer and value chain awareness around the importance of topsoil to human survival. This is especially true when it comes to carbon sequestration, soil fertility, and freshwater resources. 

Producers Market will be leading global retailers, brands, distributors, and food service providers to establish a premium sales model for regenerative agriculture outputs. In turn, farmers will see greater incentives and benefits to adopting these practices. 

Another member of ZBNF in India.

To achieve this reality, we must all come together to build awareness and create a demand from end consumers.

Welcome to the global regenerative agriculture movement. We’re glad you’re here. 

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