Producer Spotlight: Synthesis Organics

Synthesis Organics believes that for the sake of our health and well-being, we need to nourish our skin and not burden it with more toxins.
by on Monday, February 7, 2022

The Heart of Organic Skincare

Ancient practitioners originally defined “synthesis” as “the intelligence of the heart.” Synthesis is commonly understood as the combination of different parts to form an integrated whole. Various elements unite to produce one harmonious compound. Synthesis Organics is taking this concept to heart. 


Theme Rains, founder of Synthesis Organics, chose this name to align with her ideas about skincare and heart-based healing. She founded the company in 2006, inspired by over a decade of study, practice and teaching in the healing arts, both in Australia and internationally.

“I like to describe it as the heart expressed through skincare. I see it as a vehicle for sharing all the healing influences that have touched my life,” says Rains. 

The Origins of Synthesis

Theme left behind a promising career in human rights law to journey through a two-decade long and ongoing practice in the Healing Arts. She completed a 14-year apprenticeship and began developing skincare as part of her work in energy medicine.

She applied her knowledge to skincare and aromatherapy with the intention to create beauty and wellness products of unparalleled purity. Theme, a pioneer in green chemistry formulations, created some of the first Certified Organic beauty and wellness products ever made in Australia.

“As I discovered more about the innate healing capacity of the body and its desire to live in conscious harmony, so too grew a profound sense of responsibility for the sacred gift of life, a passion for truth and care for the earth and all living things. It had become obvious to me that skincare – something so regularly applied and absorbed into our body – had to be as pure as possible, with ingredients safe enough to eat, and full of positive energy. For the sake of our health and well-being, we need to nourish our skin with all it needs to function at its best, and not burden it with more toxins to eliminate.”

Synthesis Organics is a call to bring transparency to our wellness products.

Theme is passionately dedicated to providing the highest quality cosmetics from verified sources—no shortcuts. Her commitment to transforming a disingenuous industry is resolute.

“I realized even ‘natural’ or ‘chemical-free’ skincare still carries the residue of the pesticides, herbicides, and synthetic toxins found in non-organically grown ingredients. Choosing to create fully-certified organic skincare was part of my commitment to offering only the highest standard of care to everyone Synthesis touches.” 

From this process, Synthesis has come to create a wide variety of products ranging from essential oils, to face and skin care, to hair care. They offer scrubs and salts, moisturizers and serums, and even a line of pregnancy and baby products–just to name a few.

The brand believes that the radiance of true conscious beauty comes from the heart, and this is where the synthesis happens. The goal is to synthesize caring for our skin and body in a way that touches our hearts, creating radiance that comes from within.

“As well as doing no harm, we also need to ensure we can deliver results. That is why I have formulated Synthesis products with clinically tested bio-actives, as well as nature’s time-tested botanicals. These are proven to make a visible difference to the skin.”

Synthesis Commitment to Sustainability

As well as providing quality products to consumers, the brand remains committed to sustainability. They make their purchasing and sourcing decisions intentionally to reduce plastic use, close the loop,  and be sustainable. Synthesis sources ingredients internationally and locally using fair trade principles. Ninety five percent of these ingredients come from Australian Certified Organic fields. The remainder are wildcrafted botanicals and 100% natural, vegan and biodegradable materials.

One of Synthesis’ growers who wildharvests and distills in the Tasmanian wilderness.

Producers Market is humbled to serve the growth of Synthesis Organics. We are excited to watch them build a pioneering model of the regenerative relationship possible between product, artisan, and community. Leveraging our digital storytelling technology, StoryBird, we will incentivize the growth of an enthusiastic community of consumers who share Synthesis’ values. In addition, our team will facilitate key value chain relationships to provide Synthesis Organics with fertile soil for unlimited growth.

Check out the Synthesis Organics profile on our platform and discover some of their amazing beauty and wellness products.


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