Kiss the Ground: Movie Review by an Industry Specialist

Kiss the Ground is narrated by Woody Harrelson and features a collection of cultural influencers, celebrities, scientists, and entrepreneurs all sharing about the importance of soil and the solution for the future known as regenerative agriculture.
by on Friday, November 6, 2020

The Documentary 2020 Needs

Kiss The Ground Movie Review by Producers Market
Kiss the Ground documentary’s cover. Credit: Big Picture Ranch

I am generally reluctant to watch more documentaries about our crumbling environment and food systems. I’ve been aware for many years of the challenges facing humanity. At this point, it doesn’t help me personally or professionally to continue to consume the same information.  

However, there is a real need for people to unite around good ideas. 

One of these good, tangible and scalable ideas is regenerative agriculture

People in the mainstream are just beginning to hear of this concept. It took decades for the “organic” concept to gain significant global traction, but the reality is that it is not enough. 

The general market of intelligent consumers must become aware of more ambitious land management solutions that mitigate climate change and protect humanity from a general food system collapse. 

Enter Kiss the Ground. It is a documentary whose time has come, and it is entering the market at the perfect moment. 

Big Picture Ranch

The video is narrated by Woody Harrelson and features a collection of cultural influencers, celebrities, scientists, and entrepreneurs all sharing about the importance of soil health and a future-oriented solution known as regenerative agriculture. 

The documentary does an impeccable job of setting the stage, and then an even better job of simplifying and communicating regenerative agriculture in its various forms. It clearly lays out the capacity of regenerative agriculture to solve so many of humanity’s challenges. 

Kiss The Ground Movie Review by Producers Market
Conner Jones, a permaculture farmer and rancher, in the documentary Kiss the Ground. Credit: Big Picture Ranch

The story centers around the importance of soil, and how cultivating rich soil holds the power to connect us with the earth—and to an uplifting future driven by farmer empowerment. 

The release of the film comes alongside the release of the Regenerative Organic certification and a more general effort to bring awareness and momentum to regeneration as the concept pertains to agriculture and food products. 

Ultimately, consumers who demand such products and services will drive any impact on the market. 

However, consumers are only able to demand such products when they are educated.

Kiss the Ground is well done both from a technical perspective and in terms of content. It features some of the most competent and influential people in our society who share this message in a thoughtful and sincere way. 

This film borderline functions as a rallying cry to a movement that is about to launch, and hopefully scale exponentially as more people wake up to the opportunity we have with our farmers and soil to make our world a great place to live and thrive in for centuries to come.

Are you ready to become part of the regenerative movement?



  1. Great film just when I thought I couldn’t do much now I fill I can do my part two way. My yard and let people know about the film.

  2. Why aren’t they talking about this on the news!! the people in other countries are starving to death because of drought because the way they were taught to farm they keep blaming the industrial and pollution how can we promote this get to congress and the president!!

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