Producer Spotlight: Acetaia Guerzoni

With deep Italian roots and fertile soils, the Guerzoni family farm is now a flourishing brand of biodynamic vinegar.
by on Friday, July 8, 2022

The World’s First Biodynamic & Organic Vinegars


The Guerzoni farm began in the beautiful vineyards of the Modena Lowlands of Italy just a couple generations ago. Today, grandson Lorenzo Guerzoni owns the farm, and he has dedicated his life to continuing the family dream. Through tradition, passion, and diligence, Lorenzo and the Guerzoni family have cultivated the world’s first organic and biodynamic vinegars. With deep Italian roots and fertile soils, the Guerzoni family transformed their local farm into a flourishing international organization.

The story of Acetaia Guerzoni begins with Lorenzo’s grandfather Arduino and grandmother Zina. They worked for many years, saving everything they earned. After years of hard work, they managed to buy an old cottage surrounded by vineyards. Their son, Felice, and his wife, Iride, converted the vineyards into an organic and biodynamic model of agriculture. They were using these methods before Italy even had a process for certification. 

Lorenzo, with his love for the land and his ability to tell a unique story, is continuing the family tradition. 

The Benefits of Biodynamic Farming

Philosopher and esotericist, Rudolf Steiner, used his anthroposophic spiritual vision of the world to imagine biodynamic farming. This cultivation method differs from organic farming in that it takes into consideration the rhythm and flow of nature. Steiner felt that western civilization would gradually bring destruction to itself and the earth if it did not begin to develop an understanding of the relationship of the spiritual and physical worlds. 

Biodynamic practices work collectively to create the concept of community supported agriculture (CSA). Each biodynamic farm or garden is an integrated, whole, living organism that builds mutual symbiotic relationships between many kinds of organisms. Biodynamic farmers nurture and harmonize the interdependent elements and tap into the organic flow of nature. They know to listen to the land. Farms develop their own individuality. And with a deep level of respect for nature and the world, humans become part of the process. 


What Makes Acetaia Guerzoni Vinegar Biodynamic?

Deep respect for nature and love for their work is the foundation for Acetaia Guerzoni. Even in the early 80s when there still no organic certification in Italy, the Guerzoni farm complied with German guidelines of Demeter, which is now a worldwide label.

The Guerzoni family believes the first thing the biodynamic farmer focuses on is the life of the soil. To do so, they use organic fertilizers. They make these biodynamic preparations onsite from matured cow manure mixed with small doses of biodynamic vegetable substances or quartz powder.

These preparations of manure has a much higher energy. This helps plants grow strong and keeps the soil healthier than chemical concoctions would. A rich soil encourages biodiversity of wild herbs which then attract beneficial insects to the ecosystem. This is just one example of how these processes work together. 

Biodynamic farms are always adapting and growing, and so is the Guerzoni family. They work constantly to maintain harmony throughout their vineyards.

Today the Guerzoni vinegar factory is the only one in the world to hold both an organic and a biodynamic certificate.

Follow the Acetaia Guerzoni StoryBird

In addition to the biodynamic processes on the farm, Acetaia Guerzoni recently expanded their commercial net to over 40 countries. They have a modern and efficient production structure. To them, innovating does not mean distorting, and they are committed to holding strong roots and a clear vision for the future.

Acetaia Guerzoni produces several vinegars. These include apple cider vinegar, wine vinegar, and of course, balsamic vinegar

At Guerzoni, they know that choosing the right vinegar is a personal process. According to them, in the Modena tradition, many families produce vinegars in their attics. These original Modena vinegars contain only one ingredient: cooked grape must. If it comes from concentrate, it is lower quality. And, if it has sulfites, it is lower quality. The vinegar ages for 12 months in small barrels of different types of wood. Different mixtures with other vinegars and less aging time are possible, but they are not the highest quality. 

And now you can engage in your own personal process with Guerzoni’s vinegars through their StoryBird! Learn all there is to know about their traditional organic and biodynamic balsamic vinegar. From the field, to the aging barrel, to your salad, follow the journey of the product and get to know the Guerzonis on a different level. 

The Guerzonis hope to pass on the spirit of their grandparents, the spirit of listening to nature and being guided by it. And with StoryBird, we hope that the Guerzoni spirit is transparent to all our consumers. 

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