Producer Spotlight: Sancho Food

Sancho Food is built on the values and rich landscape that have been sculpted by their family for decades. Their respect for Mother Earth, heritage, and family are infused into each bottle of olive oil.
by on Wednesday, June 23, 2021

Olive Oil Rich in Flavor & Full of History

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The Humble Origins of Sancho Food

More than 60 years ago, a man named Jose and his brother planted 200 olive trees on their family land in the heart of the Iberian Peninsula. At ages 12 and 14, they worked side by side to grow something out of nothing during a hard time of life. According to Jose, this was a time when there was a lot of effort and little lunch. 

The boys took months to complete the task. They had to squeeze in the tree planting among their other farm tasks. 

Family values, and the surrounding landscape built Sancho Food. They have sculpted this landscape for decades. Their respect for Mother Earth, heritage, and family are infused into each bottle of olive oil they produce. 

The team at Sancho Food views their olive oil as a precious commodity. They have spent years perfecting the skillful work and learning how to care for every detail. In addition to their careful process, they use the best fruits in the region of La Mancha, Spain.

History & Landscape are Part of the Product

Sancho Food olive trees
Sancho Food produces olive oil from La Mancha olive trees.

In La Mancha, which is the largest wine-producing area in Spain, flocks of sheep and olive trees texture the landscape. These are the same sheep that produce the famous Manchego cheese, and today the trees of Sancho Food have matured into majestic beings. Most farmers still proudly practice agricultural techniques that have existed since the time of Don Quixote, preserving the rich culture of the area. The trees of Sancho Food bear fruit that creates an olive oil rich in flavor and full of La Mancha heritage. 

La Mancha is a region of extremes—severely cold winters and torrid summers. Its inhabitants are well-adapted to their rough land and harsh climate. With few resources, they learned through the generations to cultivate the only possible options, which just happen to be some of the finer things in life: olives, cereals, and wine.

The Olive Oil Process at Sancho Food

Sancho Food olive oil

Sancho Food uses a deeply intentional process, which they have perfected over the decades. They hand pick every olive at peak maturity. This ensures optimal ripeness for the highest quality extra virgin olive oil. After harvesting, they transport the olives only a few miles to the milling facilities. Not only does close proximity guarantee immediate extraction of the oil, but it cuts down on carbon impact. 

A couple hours after harvest, the olives are milled–a cascade of juicy olives rolling into the mill for an extremely fresh oil that shines like gold.

After milling, they store the freshly-pressed olive oil in stainless steel tanks, sealed with gas to preserve its natural conditions. They never mix the oils obtained from the harvest. 

More Quality Features of Sancho Food Olive Oil

More Sancho Food olive trees

Sancho Food’s olive trees have been giving fruits for decades from non-irrigated groves, with almost no chemicals, fertilizers, or pesticides. Sancho Food is as committed to their consumers as they are to their trees, so much so that they offer a public testing process. They have their oils officially tested and publish the results immediately. On top of that, they number and date each batch so that consumers know exactly when their olive oil was produced. 

In their processing, Sancho Food generates almost no waste at all. They send the remaining bits of the squeezed olives to other factories for further processing. This produces lower-quality oils like pomace or just regular olive oil. It is cheaper and less tasty, but at least the product is not wasted. The pit of the olive can be used as a source of fuel for home heating, so there is nearly nothing left to be recycled.

Sancho Food values traceability at every step of the production process, from hand-picked olives to cold-pressed juicing, to accountable bottling. From the olive grove filled with decades-old trees to the market, Sancho Food cultivates a genuine and traditional product, rich in flavor and family heritage. 

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