Digitization for Farmers & Why It Matters

Farmers and livestock producers can use digitization and data-driven solutions to enhance their work and improve their livelihoods.
by on Monday, November 6, 2023

The Future of Agriculture Includes Digitization


Our world is highly digitized and nearly every industry is getting on board. Some jobs and industries will likely always require some kind of physical labor. Food is physical. Harvesting most crops involves some type of human labor. This may never change, as our food and the nutrition we receive from it comes from the earth, and our lives are connected to the natural world. However, over the past decade, the implementation of technology has given farmers the opportunity to increase yield sizes by automating input and maximizing output. This, and numerous other forms of digital technology will continue to support the agriculture and livestock industries in improving their business outcomes. 

Modern technology is already positively impacting all types of crop production. By expanding its technological boundaries, agriculture and livestock production can become increasingly more precise and data-oriented. 

With the use of digital technologies and data-driven solutions, farmers and livestock producers can enhance various aspects of their work, ultimately improving their livelihoods. Farmers may even see improved sustainability outcomes along with continued productivity–which is a win for them and the environment. Additionally, digitization for farmers has the potential to address many of the modern and ongoing challenges within food systems and supply chains, such as climate change, resource constraints, and market access.

How Is Digitization Already Improving the World of Agriculture? 

Incorporating better data into agriculture technology has enhanced the flow of information, facilitated more fast and precise analysis, and generally leads to improved decision-making and strategic planning. Farmers who use digital technologies can access an abundance of information about things like root and surface soil moisture values, vegetation productivity, crop types, field height, weather conditions, such as past precipitation and temperature readings, and agricultural activities such as irrigation, sowing, and harvesting. 

At Producers Trust, we know that digitization stands to benefit farmers and livestock producers in some huge ways, and we are here for it. The following are some of the tools and digital support we are developing and offering to farmers, makers, and sellers around the world. 

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Precision Agriculture

Digital tools, including GPS technology, remote sensing, mobile apps, and drones, enable farmers to precisely manage their fields. They can optimize planting, irrigation, and harvesting by taking into account specific conditions in different parts of their fields. This leads to better resource management and increased yields.

Access to real-time weather data and climate information can help farmers plan their activities more effectively, including irrigation and harvesting, to adapt to changing weather patterns.

Farmers around the world may now have access to smartphones. Mobile apps provide them with valuable information on weather forecasts, market prices, best farming practices, and even financial services. This empowers them to make better choices.

Data-Driven Decision-Making 

Farmers around the world are incredibly knowledgeable about their work, geography and climate. They hold so much information within them already. However, with current technologies, farmers can collect consistent data on weather, soil conditions, and crop performance, allowing them to make more informed decisions. This can lead to better crop selection, pest management, and resource allocation, especially as we continue to see changes in climates around the world. 

Market Access & Supply Chain Management

Digital platforms, like our Marketplace at Producers Trust, creates an interactive network for farmers, buyers, and markets. The idea is to reduce the need for intermediaries, connect farmers, makers, and sellers with consumers that share their values, and ensure that they receive fair prices for their products. Our marketplace and StoryBird tool allows farmers to expand their customer base beyond their local area.

Digitization helps in tracking the movement of agricultural products through the supply chain. This improves traceability, reduces food waste, and ensures the safety of food products.

Farm Management Software & Financial Services

With tools for inventory management, financial tracking, labor scheduling, and equipment maintenance, software applications can help farmers manage their operations more efficiently. 

Additionally, digital banking, financial services, and carbon credits can offer support for  farmers of all sizes, potentially helping to manage risks and invest in their farms.

Education and Training

Here at Producers Trust, we are honored to share our knowledge with farmers and livestock producers all over North and South America with online courses, videos, and tutorials. This is a program we hope to expand to many other places as well. 

Interested in learning more about Producers Trust Education programs? Check out our collaboration with NCBA Clusa! 

Producers Trust & the Digitization of Agriculture

These digital tools and technologies may sound amazing–and often they are! The difficult part is always in getting access to the people who need it the most. It is important to ensure that these technologies are accessible and affordable for smallholder farmers, particularly in developing regions, to ensure that they can benefit from the digital transformation of agriculture. This is where Producers Trust comes in. We are working hard to bolster the capacities of farmers, makers, and sellers around the world, while also forming big partnerships with a variety of stakeholders. Stay tuned to see where this journey leads us all. We are optimistic about the future of agriculture, supply chains, and in general, environmental sustainability. 





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