Producer Spotlight: Liwa Dates

Liwa Dates is located in the United Arab Emirates, where some of the most delicious and nutrient rich dates grow. 
by on Monday, March 20, 2023

Tired of processed sweetener but not ready to retire your sweet tooth? Here’s the perfect alternative for you. Packed with nutrients and a deliciously sweet flavor, dates may be the perfect thing for people with a sweet tooth and desire for healthy outcomes.  


Dates are the fruit that comes from the date palm tree, grown mainly in Africa, the Middle East, and South Asia. Dates are one of the sweetest fruits in the world. Their natural sweet flavor and versatility make these fruits one of the best alternatives to the unnatural sweeteners we often use today.

The Land of the Date Palm

Liwa Dates is located in the United Arab Emirates, where some of the most delicious and nutrient rich dates grow.  The UAE desert-like climate with mild winters and hot summers creates the perfect environment for cultivating date palm farms, and the country is one of the top ten date palm cultivators in the world. 

Liwa Dates produces date products and aids local UAE date farmers by providing packing and processing services for their produce. They offer fresh dates as well as an assortment of spreads, syrups, powders, and desserts. 

Local UAE date producers who work hard to harvest quality organic produce but may have lacked access to larger markets can now share their products with the world through the efforts Liwa Dates has made for the UAE date community. 

Date Nutrition & Health Benefits

Aside from their deliciously subtle caramel-like flavor, dates offer a wide range of enticing health benefits. Dates, which are high in dietary fiber, may soothe digestive issues. In general, dietary fiber helps relieve intestinal disorders, constipation, and improves metabolism. Studies show that because dates have a concentration of antioxidants, they may also improve brain health. They may even slow the progression of Alzheimer’s disease. Dates are an excellent source of iron, making them a perfect treat for vegans, vegetarians, and anyone struggling with anemia.


Sustainable Packaging

Packaging is one of the biggest culprits for unnecessary pollution. The amount of single-use plastic generated from packaging is absolutely shocking. Containers and packaging makeup just under 30% of all municipal solid waste in the world. Providing 100% organic and quality products is only part of the battle sustainable companies face. Often local farmers that cultivate these organic products do not have access to affordable, sustainable packaging.

Liwa Dates values sustainable packaging for all of their products. Additionally, they help local organic producers access sustainable packaging packing services for their high quality products. Liwa serves as the ultimate middleman between date farmers and consumers. 

Healthy & Sweet Sugar Replacement 

As our society dives deeper into the discovery of health and nutrition, it is time to start transitioning our lifestyles to a more sustainable and healthy alternative. Replacing white sugar with dates can be a great start. Their natural nutrients, fiber, and antioxidants make them a healthy substitute. 

Using dates as a substitute for sugar is easy. Simply add date syrup at a 2/3 syrup to 1 cup sugar ratio in any recipe. Another alternative is to use fresh dates and blend them. When using dates to replace sugar in baking, Medjool dates are the best kind to use. 

Consumers who wish to help make a positive impact on our world and local communities, can now choose to support organic and sustainable organizations like Liwa Dates.

The Future of UAE Dates

Liwa Dates has made it possible for consumers to enjoy the world’s highest quality organic dates from anywhere in the world. 


Liwa Dates not only supports local producers with sustainable packaging options, but they also value the preservation of the lands they source from. The company honors the commitment to sustainable and transparent agriculture for consumers to trust. And how can a consumer know this is true? Good news! Liwa Dates has StoryBird for their Tamarella product. We invite you to check out the full journey of this product and learn more about Liwa Dates from our StoryBird perspective. 

Consumers deserve products that not only carry an organic label, but that they know comes from a trusted agricultural community and supply chain. Liwa Dates is a brand committed to just this as well as the future of date communities. Through their efforts they intend to promote organic agriculture and protect local farmers.

Here at Producers Trust, we are excited to see more StoryBirds from Liwa Dates soon and from more products all over the world. We know consumers are ready to access validated information from brands who value transparency as much as we do. 

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