Our Most Innovative Experiment: 20% Equity for Small Farmers

Twenty percent of our parent company equity is being reserved for future distribution to small holder farmers around the world. 
by on Wednesday, March 2, 2022

Holistic & Sustainable Is For Economies Too

Perhaps you have noticed by now that we value the hard work of small farmers and producers. How can we truly honor their work in a more meaningful way beyond just expressing our appreciation?

A farmer in the heart of the Bolivian, Andes works with UNEC, a farming cooperative.

We can talk about serving our users, helping farmers, and adding value to people’s lives through our efforts. But ultimately, who are the shareholders who realize the profits? Usually it’s founders, executives and investors. How can we build a more holistic and sustainable economy? 

What Is A Holistic Economy?

We have a revolutionary idea. What if our core stakeholders and the users who generate the profits for our venture become our shareholders?

Building a holistic and sustainable economy is our experiment and innovation with Producers Trust. 

Twenty percent of our parent company equity is being reserved. This reserve will be put into a trust for future distribution to small holder farmers around the world. 

Harvesting grapes at Troon Vineyard in Oregon.

This way we can truly work for our shareholders and our stakeholders simultaneously. 

Some may view this as a decrease in wealth for our team and investors, and it may be true. However, in the long run, we see it as a way to build sustainable wealth in a holistic way. And certainly, we look forward to the happiness and sense of accomplishment we will feel when we achieve our mission to help producers make more money by aligning to sustainable practices. 

This is an experiment. It would be much much easier for us to lower our valuation and to sell off the 20% right now to investors to raise capital for our venture. We could scale more rapidly and have better salaries for those of us working for the venture.

But then again, it wouldn’t be us.

It wouldn’t be our vision and it would be holistically transformative. It would be like every other venture that isn’t aiming to change our dysfunctional systems and structures. 

How will we distribute the equity? Likely with digital wallets and cryptocurrency. We intend it to be open source and with an ever-evolving algorithm that incentivizes regenerative practices

The details will come. For now, we have to make Producers Trust incredibly valuable. 

I truly believe that there are lots of people out there who understand our reasoning behind this gesture. My greatest hope is that some of these people will want to support us with investment not despite this gesture, but because of it, and that there are consumers out there ready to buy from our platform because of it. 

Perhaps even this 20% equity pool will become our supreme differentiator in the future when the producers of the world are coveted and platforms and brands are fighting for them. Our producers will own Producers Trust. 

And our team will be working for them, with a smile.

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