Know Your Source

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Producers Stories is a multimedia platform designed to amplify the perspectives and achievements of producers around the world.

We believe that stories are the key to cultivating effective market linkage, transforming agriculture and food industries, and empowering you (consumers, brands, and producers) to know your source. We know that when knowledge is freely available, transparent, and compelling, people all along the value chain can thrive.

Our interactive storytelling platform supports our global community to learn, share and engage on key industry themes:

Farmers and makers, such as agricultural technology & innovation, regenerative agriculture, sustainable agricultural practices, marketing, and current events

For Consumers, such as recipes, sustainable lifestyle, food IQ, and health & wellness

Spotlights from producers and products in our marketplace 

Storybird stories, our traceability and transparency app

It presents creative and informative content integrated with the Producers Market ecosystem, with the goal of amplifying the work of participating producers, educating consumers, and uplifting our partners’ values.

It is our mission to impact millions of farmers by sharing their stories and products with billions of people globally. We are currently building the infrastructure to achieve this through the integration of quality, engaging multimedia content across the various Producers Market and third-party platforms and ecosystems:

Instagram, including our communities:













We envision a dynamic technology platform that complements the Producers Market mission of re-imagining the agricultural value chain through compelling stories, trusted information, and interconnected community. The result is a farmer-intuitive system that provides producers with an improved digital presence and integration with a mission-driven media ecosystem.

We invite you to know your source and connect with the producers behind what you consume: