What Makes Producers Market Different?

Newsletter: What Makes Producers Market Different?

Posted June 13, 2019

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Dear Producers Market Community,

If you’ve been following along for a while, you’ll know that Producers Market is not your typical tech startup. We’re reimagining the agricultural industry, and that means innovating at every level.

We're Data-Focused

We are committed to utilizing data to enhance user experience, efficiencies, and profitability. By digitizing transactions, we’ll collaborate with producers to create unique data sets that offer insight into the agricultural industry and its stakeholders—and empower consumers, buyers and producers with greater access to information.

Movement on a Big Scale

Producers Market plans to achieve 1,000 producer groups and $1B in transactions by 2020, earning producers $0.15 on the retail dollar instead of today’s average of $0.08. We are confident in reaching our goals, given the digital infrastructure and existing global industry partners ready to onboard. In order to transform the $4B agricultural value chain, we will perform on the same scale.

A Philosophy of Agnosticism

Producers Market is “technology agnostic.” That means we work with multiple technology solutions and providers, rather than limiting ourselves to specific tools. We are committed to realizing our vision through agility and collaboration.


Native to South America, pineapple is the only edible member of the Bromeliad family. Each plant produces only one fruit at a time. And, yes, it can take up to two years for that pineapple fruit to be ready for harvest. Luckily for us, pineapples regenerate. Plant the top leaves to start growing a new one. (Have a pineapple at home that isn’t quite ready to eat? Try turning it upside down to ripen faster.)

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"This magical, marvelous food on our plate, this sustenance we absorb, has a story to tell. It has a journey. It leaves a footprint. It leaves a legacy.” — Joel Salatin

Thank you for believing in the Producers Market vision. As always, we welcome any feedback, comments, or questions you might have.


In Gratitude,

Producers Market




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