What is a CPG, anyway?

Newsletter: What is a CPG, anyway?

Posted September 17, 2019

Dear Producers Market Community,

If you don’t work in the food industry, you may be asking yourself, "what is a CPG?"

Well... CPG stands for "Consumer Packaged Goods."

We envision working with some of our brightest producers across a range of product categories to package their outputs in our branded packaging. The ultimate vision is for end-consumers to be able to interact directly with Producers Market, allowing us to capture a greater profit margin on the sale of raw materials.

Here are some of our mock-ups for the Producers Market CPG brand:

Producers Market CPG Brand

Co-founder Chris Robb refers to consumer packaging as the "real estate" for us to share our story with real people.

Producers Market intends to take this real estate and move it into the digital realm through the StoryBird QR integrated logo.

Producers StoryBird QR Code

Along with our consumer packaged goods branding, our StoryBird will connect connect the consumer to the full experience of a validated supply chain—and the complete story of the product and farmer.

It is our vision to be the leading global consumer brand to achieve digital validation and storytelling on every product sold.

Since the inception of Producers Market, we have been moving toward selling branded consumer products directly to consumers online, through retail stores globally via wholesale distribution channels, and eventually at our own Producers Market stores.


We've been hard at work for years developing the ecosystem and technology integration to facilitate a unique brand experience that captivates and inspires consumers across all age groups, ethnicities, geographic locations, socioeconomic status, and any other category used to segment the unity that is the human experience. We achieve this through our dedication to authenticity—and to building trust with validated digital transparency.

Supply Chain Journey

Core to our brand thesis is a commitment to share our profits made on each product with the farmers and farm workers who cultivate the raw materials.

Distributed ledger technologies—a sophisticated form of accounting—will transparently validate this sharing of profits and objectively show our consumers that a visible portion of the profits from their transaction has been deposited to our farmers’ bank accounts.

Producers Market is ready to open the hood and reveal to consumers exactly where the money flows in value chains. Promising to donate 1% to some abstract cause is okay, but validating where profits go is next level.

In Gratitude,




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