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Newsletter: Search Tool Launched

Posted October 1, 2020

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Producers Market Newsletter

Dear Producers Market Community,

Producers Market has hit another important milestone! 

We’ve just launched the search tool function on our homepage and organizations page. We encourage you to check it out at the Producers Market Website:

Producers Market Search Tool

Having a search tool in a digital marketplace is an obvious requirement. 

Up until now, our challenge has been first to ensure that there are enough producers and producer groups registered on Producers Market to make a search function relevant and worthwhile for buyers. In addition, it was critical to optimize the search tool to complement our unique design and user experience.

Now that we’ve hit 150 producer members (and growing!) our team feels it's the right moment to launch our search tool.

Producers Market Organizations

Our vision at Producers Market is to support producers and buyers to build trusted partnerships. These partnerships will be based on the purchasing of goods, and they will ultimately inspire a mutual commitment to traceability, transparency, and the sharing of stories with end consumers

A marketplace for B2B “spot buys” (of which there are many) may provide more direct and lower-cost transactions through the removal of intermediaries. However, it doesn’t necessarily facilitate partnerships, nor the empowerment of farmers and consumers. In most cases, the greatest benefits go to brands and retailers. 

A platform built on trusted procurement partnerships marks a transition to a more thoughtful and intelligent value chain model. This is a model that drives brands to the source in order to achieve greater efficiencies and marketing opportunities while also serving the best interest of their consumers, who are demanding positive impacts and transparency. 

Producers Market would like to eliminate “spot buys” and broker contracts as a global standard for agricultural value chains, moving instead into direct, long-term partnerships built on shared values and a digital model in which validated qualitative and quantitative marketing data flows freely from the farmer to you. 

The search tool is a small step towards achieving this vision. 

Thank you for your ongoing support and trust in Producers Market.

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