Prayers and best wishes

Newsletter: Prayers and best wishes

Posted April 3, 2020

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Dear Producers Market Community,

The Producers Market team sends you prayers and best wishes during these challenging times.

Our global team is working from home and has not missed a beat. We had already streamlined our decentralized workflow and digital communications prior to the current situation. In fact, we have been accelerating existing efforts to lead the shift toward a more resilient and direct value chain model that empowers regenerative food systems globally.

We’ve been inspired by the courageous and pioneering spirit of our farmers across the globe who help to keep us energized and committed to our vision and cause. Here is a recent video from our partners in India at ZBNF:

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Global agricultural and food supply chains are marching onward and appear to be more important to consumers and investors than ever. While the food service and hospitality industries are struggling immensely, consumer demands have simply shifted into grocery retail and online delivery services.

Based on our on-the-ground sources, we anticipate short-term supply shocks from farm labor absences, airplane freight interruptions, obstacles with worker restrictions, and other importation disruptions. However, these shocks will likely play themselves out by the late summer or fall, when things return to “normal.”

The panic-driven grocery store runs that have emptied shelves have brought a sense of urgency to building secure and resilient supply chains. For more on that, please see our recent article on Producers Stories:

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Globally, more individuals, organizations, and investors are understanding the indispensability of agricultural and food systems for capitalism and society to function, regardless of macroeconomic conditions.

With new challenges and opportunities, our team is rising to the occasion and continuing our relentless progress. We are working to scale our StoryBird products and organizing pilot projects with leading brands, retailers, and cooperatives across the Americas and globally. In addition, we are continuing to build the partnerships necessary to onboard the first 100 producer groups to the Producers Market B2B application.

We appreciate your continued trust and support in these uncertain times.

In Gratitude,


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