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Newsletter: In Producers We Trust

Posted November 25, 2020

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Dear Producers Market Community,

We have officially decided to change our parent corporation name to "Producers Trust."

We founded this venture to bring justice to global value chains with a focus on three pillars:

  1. Farmer Empowerment
  2. Value Chain Transparency 
  3. Regenerative Agriculture 

More than seven years ago, our co-founders asked two fundamental questions:

“How do we connect consumers with farmers?” 

“How do we build loyalty?” 

The answer for us was and still is simple. Trust. The next logical question we asked was, “How do we build trust?” The answer was and still is a 100% commitment to integrity.


Building trust with integrity.

Producer from Lavi Spicy Peanut Butter

Photo courtesy of Lavi Spicy Peanut Butter™, one of the producers on our platform.

How do we build trust with integrity in a multi-trillion dollar industry defined by hundreds of millions of decentralized producers, organized into value chains that incentivize greed?

Well, it starts with a spark of hope. That spark exists in the hearts of all those who steward our land and waters—that is, producers. That spark also exists in the consumers of the products those producers bring into the world. 

If we can connect these sparks together and amplify that connection into a movement, we can improve our world. 

Producers Trust website

Storytelling is the fuel that can transform this spark into real change. Building a post-harvest market linkage platform defined by digitization, databasing, and connectivity allows us to bring unprecedented forms of validation, integrity and ultimately trust. 

Through our commitment to building a technical framework that rewards non-competitive, technology-agnostic value chain infrastructures, we can unite around inclusive models designed to support hundreds of millions of farmers to transparently service billions of consumers.

To capture the first mile (i.e. farm, boat, or forest level), we’ll work with data that allows us to share never-before-seen information, such as who grew our products, the conditions in which these products were grown, and how their production impacts the community, ecosystem, and us as consumers. 

We can commence a new era of trust that provides validated information about a decentralized community of producers, packers, processors, distributors, and retailers.

All of this is well and good in theory, but it requires a demonstration of commitment that goes beyond pretty words and beautiful concepts. It requires an equity commitment to this model. 

Our venture was built on the decision to serve farmers. We determined that the best way to serve farmers is to make them our partners. We have set aside 20% of our company equity into a trust for future issuance to farmworkers, farmers, and cooperatives to have equity ownership of our platform and venture. 

We will be working over the next 12 months to build an algorithm that rewards small farmers for participation in our value chain ecosystem, and incentivizes them to move into regenerative farming practices.

As we embark on the next chapter of our accelerated growth, we’ve come to realize that our venture has outgrown its original scope of becoming a leading digital “market” for producers. We are here to fundamentally transform an industry—with a passionate team and a set of digital tools and technology empowered services to connect value chains with data and integrity—and to build trust. 

As such, we have officially decided to change our name to “Producers Trust.”  

Our Producers Trust parent company website can be found at


Thank you for trusting us in this process.

In Gratitude,

Keith and the Producers Trust team

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