1,000 Registered Members in Producers Market!

Newsletter: 1,000 Registered Members in Producers Market!

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Producers Market has reached 1,000 fully registered organizations on our network. 

This is a monumental achievement for us. It was only two years ago that we went live with the marketplace with only nine registered producers. Some team members questioned if we would be able to attract users to have profiles given that all we had was a vision—no marketing or advertising budget, and no guarantees that having a profile would result in any tangible benefits to producers. 

Nonetheless farmers, cooperatives, makers and associations from over 85 countries have continued to join us in good faith that we are all part of the solution to build a new form of commerce that is more human and more direct. 

This model of commerce puts the farmer or producer at the center of the value chain. In this model, the producer’s authentic story matters to people, and we attract wholesale buyers and consumers who are also ready to disrupt the status quo of broker and trader dominance. 

Here’s to making the connection between producers and consumers and uplifting value chains by building upon the shared values of our users. 

What comes next?

  1. Attracting more buyers to the marketplace to help engage more sales opportunities for our producers. 
  2. Building out our on-platform direct-to-consumer commerce and logistics functionality so that our producers can sell directly to end users, starting in the US. 
  3. Scaling StoryBird with our existing users to champion end-to-end traceability in a digital marketplace setting. 
  4. Growing our user base to 10,000 producers. 

StoryBird connects customers to the story of your products. They can see where ingredients come from and enjoy transparent supply chain stories through e-commerce integration, or by scanning a QR code on packaging, store displays, or menus.

To learn more, simply scan the QR code below for the full experience and email our StoryBird team to follow up with you directly.

In many ways, it is a miracle that we’ve made it this far, but as our roots grow stronger we are able to grow faster and accelerate the adoption of our marketplace vision and mission. 

The Producers Trust team sends a warm thanks to our community for making this milestone possible. 

In Gratitude,




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