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Posted July 30, 2020

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Producers Market Newsletter

Dear Producers Market Community,

We are happy to announce that we have hit our first major milestone for our Producers Market network of members. 

We have now fully registered 109 farmers, makers, and seller organizations from 37 countries in our ecosystem.

Producers Market Organizations


We have been in the process of developing our market linkage application for the past three plus years, and the user experience, design, and features continue to improve every week. 

A key moment came six months ago, when we decided that the time had come to take off our company’s training wheels and allow prospective members to build their own profiles. 

Soon thereafter we went public with the member profile pages, initially with only nine finished profiles. 

Admittedly, our team wasn’t sure if it was premature to launch the marketplace publicly with so few members onboarded. We pushed forward, however, confident that the members in our network and beyond would begin to register, and that our system would grow. 

Our gamble worked! With $0 spent on advertising (and a lot of sweat), we have now built a small but fast-growing global community of incredible producers. Representing diverse locations and product categories, they are all driven by the same shared value of empowering producers and connecting their outputs more directly to buyers and consumers. 

What’s next?

Producers Market Storybird

Well, we are now working to fully register 250 producer members. Simultaneously, we are directing our energy and attention toward integrating producers with our scalable, consumer-facing StoryBird application in coordination with brand and retail partners. 

In addition, we have entered into pilot programs with a handful of registered producer members to create market linkage (i.e. sales) programs. Through these programs we continue to build our understanding of contract, transaction, logistics, and financial service requirements so that we can develop our scalable software and human resource systems for these sales efforts. 

Do you know any amazing farmers, cooperatives, or processors? Send them our way! 

We are excited to continue building our network. As always, thank you for your support and trust. 

In Gratitude,

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Sprouted Nuts Sawyer Maple Farm
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